The high cost of internal audit

The high cost of internal audit

One of the biggest obstacles I see when I work with organisations implementing a quality management system is internal audit.

Internal audit is often not done well.

In fact, sometimes it's not done at all.

Leaders tell me that resourcing internal audits is a challenge. Training auditors, developing schedules, taking people off line to conduct audits and report on the results can all feel overwhelming when people are already stretched to the limit.

The great news though is that the focus of internal audit and therefore the design are very different to external audit.

We don’t need complex internal audit systems, we need people with an AuditMindset actively observing what is happening around them every day. We need an organisation full of people who know they can improve and look for easy ways to make that happen.

Dr Carol S Dweck’s work on growth mindset is recommended reading for leaders who want to drive a culture of ‘better’.

I designed the AuditMindset program because I want to change the way that we think about quality in our organisations.

If you are ready to make quality part of everyday business and stop relying on external certification bodies and funders to tell you what you are doing wrong, then developing an AuditMindset is your first step.

You can download the AuditMinsdet ebook here for more information.