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Do we even need quality systems?

Surely if everyone is doing their best job, quality is guaranteed?

Quality personnel have a quality personality

The quality role, what is it and who is the best person for the job?

Quality - What's your definition?

I think it’s important that there is a commonly understood definition of quality in each organisation.

What does Quality mean to your organisation?

Quality is hard to define, one of my favourite *definitions is “Quality is the customers' perception of the value of the suppliers' work output”, because it puts quality firmly where it should be, part of the customer's value.

Stop trying to be minimalist and start being a tidiest.

When my husband and I emigrated to Australia 15 years ago we brought only what we could carry in a bag. We had lived in one room in a boarding house for two years to save for the trip and we lived out of a 1986 Ford Falcon with dodgy...

Quality evolution not control

Your quality system and your business need some planning...

4 Reasons why you should 'bother' with internal audit.

Have you ever asked yourself why you should bother with an internal audit system?

Are you useful or a nuisance?

Three ways to influence how effective you are at work How you are perceived could affect how much you achieve. I work with a lot of quality managers and people in a quality role many of whom describe their frustration at not being able to get any traction on their...

Indicators of Concern - do you have them

I was very fortunate to attend the Disability Commissioner Preventing and Responding to Abuse: Guidance for Victorian disability service providers event this week and for me one of the highlights was hearing Peter Oakes Professor of Clinical Psychology, Staffordshire University talk about his work on Indicators of Concern: His work...

Why audit preparation means you’re not efficient

Have you ever: Dreaded a certification audit Uttered the words “the auditors are coming” and not in a positive way Found that a month before the certification audit there is a mad flurry of activity and increased workload to get the quality system up to date Found your printing costs...