Systems just make life easier.

Systems just make life easier.


Systems just make life easier 

I have a system I follow to make life easier; I prepare for my next day the night before.

I prepare my lunch the night before and I get my clothes ready.

Both of these things mean my mornings are more streamlined, or they did until I introduced an unknown to my system.

"Good systems are invisible until they break."

My morning system has been completely disrupted with the introduction of my adorable puppy. Even preparing the day before hasn't helped.

What used to take 30 minutes now takes 90!

I took my system for granted, like many of us we suddenly recognize a system only when it starts to fail.

This is something we need to think about in quality at work.

We need to think about what has been,  or might be, introduced into our systems at work that could cause a perfectly good system to malfunction.

Every time we introduce a new product or service, a new technology, or even a new team member, there is potential for a disruptive impact on our systems.

A new team member is a great example, just like Lachy my puppy, introducing a new team member, with outside experiences and ideas, can be very disruptive.

We default to trying to get them to fit into our system but perhaps we can use their enthusiasm to review our systems.

With fresh eyes and fresh perspective isn't this a great opportunity to look for inefficiencies and new and improved ways of working.

If you work in quality and aren't involved in the induction of new team members across the organisation could you be missing a great opportunity to get valuable insights and ensure that introducing a new puppy...
I mean a person doesn't disrupt your systems negatively.

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