Certification Audits don't always focus on quality outcomes

This weeks blog post

Freek Vermeulen argues that ISO 9000, ‘in the long run, can have a severe negative impact on a firm because it hampers innovation’.

And it’s not just ISO, I would argue many standards have the same effect.

If you have had an external audit chances are you have been told that you:

❌ Need procedure xyz
❌ Haven’t defined process xyz sufficiently
❌ Don’t have enough evidence of meeting criteria xyz

When you disagree with findings you are told the finding stands.

You find yourself completing work to close out findings you don’t agree with.

This takes resources away from developing systems that work for your business and your customer. 

The focus becomes about placating auditors.

Whilst I fear that we may never be able to remove external audits, organisations must fight to retain autonomy when interpreting and implementing standards.