Top tips for getting people to focus on quality

This weeks blog post

When we think about quality we often think about:

  • Procedures
  • Forms
  • Audits
  • Incidents

And lets be honest for most people non of that is particlarly exciting.

So how do we shift the focus form the boring compliance stuff to the stuff that actually  matters in quality.... customers getting a fantastic experience when they work with our organisation!

Getting everyone to focus on Quality starts with you and the great news is there is one simple way you can easily shift peoples mindset:

Start every conversation with the customer 

Whenever you are working with teams always bring the conversation back to the customer. 

In Health and Human Services people can quickly lose sight of the fact that the people they are working with are actually customers, the same as if they had chosen to eat at a particular restaurant, they have chosen to come into your GP Practice, your hospital or your disability service.

Reminding teams that everything we do is to ensure people have an excellent expereince, with every interaction they have, with every member of the team helps people focus on what's important, the customer.

Whether you call people patients, clients, participants, service users...... they are customers.

And quality is defined and determined by the customer.