Systems Make Delegation Easy - So What's Stopping You?

Systems make delegation easy -  so what's stopping you?


Systems make delegation easy -  so what's stopping you?

As businesses become more complex, we realise that we can’t do it all. 

As teams become larger, we understand that we need to share the work across the team. We need the right people doing the right work.

There’s a simple answer - Delegation. We know it, but delegation doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
Let me show you a secret to help you with more effective delegation - having your system mapped and documented. 

I’m not talking long, boring procedures, but workflows and instructions that outline the system, to get the work done, to the quality you require. 

When my business grew, I engaged a virtual assistant. I documented procedures and honestly; I didn’t get it right the first time.

Sai my wonderful VA had to ask for clarification on most processes before we got it right but the benefits are that now I am free to focus on the high-value work (and the work I love). 

The key is to start. 

Mind map your systems and then test them, it probably won’t be perfect the first time.

When you can, involve the team and get a broad range of perspectives about how the system does, can and should work before writing your procedures, then share and communicate, review and adapt.

If you are struggling to delegate, look closely at your procedures, and get them right.

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Last week I interviewed the amazing Brent Hodgson as part of the Lockdown Library interviews.

Brent is an amazing marketer who shared his wisdom on how small changes can have a big impact.

You can watch the interview here.

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