Organisation Chaotic Or An Organised Nation?

Is your organisation chaotic or an organised nation?

Is your organisation chaotic or an organised nation?

Research has shown that clutter is not good for your productivity, your stress, and even your health.

Consider the word organisation:

As a noun organisation can mean:

1. The act or process of organizing.
2. The state or manner of being organized.
3. Something that is organized.

As an adjective it means:

Of or relating to an organization

We don’t call them organisations for nothing. If we don’t have systems in place, we don’t have organisation we have chaos.

Without systems, we have clutter.


Because without a system people will work the way they prefer and that includes making up the system based on their preferences.

The person in the next team works differently and so creates their own system, based on what they believe to be the best approach.

Over time we have so many systems that the environment is physically and mentally cluttered.

I did a search on a client's shared drive for a planning procedure, I got 24 different versions.

The biggest complaint from staff?

 "We can never find the information we need."

A study by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) identified disorganization can lead to financial losses equivalent to approximately 10% of a manager’s salary.

Systems take the guesswork out of work

When you run a business, you have things that need to be done a certain way because if they are not done correctly, bad things can happen.

  • You may get unhappy customers
  • Staff may dispatch or deliver incorrect orders
  • You can injuries at work...

You get the picture.

Standardising the way you work takes the guesswork out of work and for people you employ that’s a good thing. This article discusses the benefit of standardising your systems and staff morale.

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