I'm hoping Covid-19 helps us stop doing quality

I'm hoping Covid-19 helps us stop doing quality

I'm hoping Covid-19 helps us stop doing quality 

This video by the very clever Brent Hodgson provides a clear overview of what we can expect from Covid-19 in the next 2 years.

Importantly, Brent says values and practice will be different post-Covid 19.

What does that mean? 

It means we can do things differently and my hope is that we can stop "doing quality" altogether.

We can use this time to clarify what quality means in our business, what does it look like, how do we measure it, and put plans and systems in place to better equip us for the next two years.

Quality can be truly customer-focused we just have to make people our focus.

I've been thrilled to see the generosity and care that has been displayed by people, examples like: 

  • Leaving spare toilet rolls at their gate
  • Checking on neighbours
  • Businesses providing free services or offering free trials of products to help people working remotely, like Zoom
  • Gyms lending out equipment

The Kindness Pandemic

It is one social media platform dedicated to highlighting kindness and it's worth joining to counteract the negative press we see in the news.

In the spirit of kindness, I wanted to share this short video about some ways I can help.

Enjoy the video and give me a call +61 0403 857 054 if you need a friend, a shoulder to cry on, some advice or just a safe place to have a breakdown.