How To Audit Effectively And Efficiently?

How to audit effectively and efficiently?


It's looking like restrictions are going to be easing a little more and it may mean that more of us are returning to the office.

It may also be that people have enjoyed remote working and have been more productive, perhaps there's no rush to get back.

Whatever our future looks like we are still going to have to do our internal audits if we work in the health and human services sector.

Internal audits generally fall into two camps:  

  • Onsite review of the process 
  • File audits  

How can we improve the way we audit whilst also allowing people the flexibility to work from home?

Let's rethink the way we audit starting with your audit schedule.  

Do you audit by site?  

A client of mine switched to auditing by program during the lockdown and the benefits included:

30-minute group zoom conferences with delegates from the same program replaced half-day on-site audits.

They see patterns across programs and reduce siloed systems. 

People are more connected with others doing the same work whom they often rarely see. 

More frequent, shorter audits allow people to raise issues in a more agile way.  

How can you change what you do and maintain quality systems in these ever-changing times?

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