Creating A System

 Systems that work for me.

When I worked as an auditor, I travelled a lot. 

Some weeks I would be home Friday night and off to the airport again on Sunday afternoon.

I loved it and I got to see a lot of Australia.

But the part I hated the most was packing my bag. There was always a worry I would forget something important. 

Until I created a system

  1. A toiletry bag that was always packed.
  2. A separate small bag with all of my adapters and chargers.
  3. A list of essentials - hairbrush, book, hot water bottle (don't judge)
  4. A set of outfits. A uniform that included accessories and shoes so that I didn't have to plan outfits.

Packing was a breeze and took up little of my precious free time.

Some of this has now become a habit for me. I always have a small bag of essential plugs and adapters even when I'm not travelling.

Systems create good habits.

System brings clarity.

Many people in lock down have turned to cleaning and tidying.

For me tidying is a joy.

When I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed I find the worst cupboard in the house and get stuck in.

Here's my system for tidying:

1. If its broken I throw it out.

2. If I don't know what it is or what its for I put it in a box, find what it's for - if it's important to keep it, otherwise throw it away.

3.  If I haven't used it in over 6 months but it isn't broken, or it feels useful and hard to throw away, it goes into a box. It gets stored in the garage and if I haven't looked for it in the next 6 months it goes to the charity shop.

I use this system for my desk, my computer, my wardrobe, my pantry, my laundry, and just about every cupboard in the house.

It's such an ingrained system now that I don't think twice.

It either stays or it goes in a box to be dealt with.

I'd love to hear your system that makes life easier.

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